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Title: #07 - Icicles
Rating: PG13
Warning: Crossover pairing, fluff
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Muse'verse
Word Count: 764
Characters/Pairings: Kenshin Himura/Edward Elric
Summary: Edward gets flaily about the silliest things.

Author's Note: You know, he’s got a point about those who are hanging around the ‘Sou that he can’t see.

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Title: Force
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Musese'verse
Word Count: 300

“You,” Kenshin pushed Edward’s face into the pillows. “Are such a fucking IDIOT, sometimes, I don’t know what to do with you-"

Edward laughed, the sound muffled by the pillows, and then cut off abruptly in a choked groan as Kenshin ground down on him. Kenshin had him by the hair, his fingers curled in it, gripping tight, close to his skull. Edward couldn’t lift his head if he wanted to.

"What,” Kenshin’s breath was hot on Edward’s ear as he hissed the words. “What am I going to DO with you, hm?"

It was a struggle to lift his head enough not to spit the words into the pillow. "I can think of a few things,” Edward said cheekily, inhaling sharply as Kenshin struck the bare skin of his ass open-handed. He barely had enough time to take another breath before Kenshin forced his head down again.

Edward bit back a moan as Kenshin smacked him again and again. He ground down into the bed, seeking to get away from the stinging blows but at the same time not really trying - if he was really, really trying Kenshin would have been on the floor by now. Kenshin yanked his head up by his hair and Edward gasped, panting loudly. “Can you now,” Kenshin said, his voice somehow silky smooth. “You still thinking of a few things then, I take it?"

Edward wet his lips before replying. "Several,” he said, and Kenshin laughed, running his fingers down the crack of Edward’s ass and over his taint. He stopped there, and Edward groaned in disappointment. “Come on, Himura,” Edward said, trying to twist his head free to get a look. “Don’t leave me hanging, fuck, do you want me to beg?"

"I would love to hear you beg,” Kenshin nearly purred.
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Title: The Gain
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Muse'verse
Word Count: 300

Kenshin sighed, his hands on his hips. “You are going to fall on your face,” he called. “And I am going to laugh."

Edward was balanced on the tree limb, very clearly ignoring Kenshin. He had monkeyed himself up a fair distance, which was no mean feat with all that metal hanging off of him. And now he was astride a limb that looked like maybe, MAYBE it would support his weight as he scooted along it, trying to reach two crumpled sheets of paper that had flown out of his grasp earlier.

It was a windy day - and it was sheer luck that the papers got caught in a tree right at the edge of the woods. Edward had been shouting invectives that up until about twenty minutes ago Kenshin was absolutely sure did not exist in any lexicon on this planet while he chased down the escaping pages.

And now he was twenty feet in the air, stretching along a branch that had started to bend under the stress of Edward’s weight, trying to grab at the pages before the wind took them again. "Why don’t you just use alchemy for this?” Kenshin suggested, as Edward grabbed at the papers and failed, fingertips barely brushing the edges.

“Why don’t you just use alchemy for this?” Edward parroted in a high-pitched imitation of Kenshin’s own voice. “Use it exactly HOW, Himura?"

"I don’t know, you’re the alchemist.” This was entertaining to watch, at least. “If you break your automail falling out of the tree I’ll let you be the one to call your mechanic this time. She’s scary."

"Fuck!” Edward screeched, his fingers just brushing the edges again. He slid down the branch just a little farther, finally reaching the papers. “Finally!"

There was a very ominous crack.
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Title: Repeat Until
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Muse'verse
Word Count: 300

Like clockwork, Kenshin rose before dawn. In the summer that was earlier than usual, but he rolled out of bed silently, slipping out from under Edward’s heavy arm without disturbing him. He always paused, here - he made sure Edward had settled again, rolling onto his side and curling into a pillow - before he left the bedroom behind.

Pre-dawn the house was mostly silent. The majority of the residents had retired for the night - often Kenshin would encounter the vampires going about their bedtime routine, but this morning the kitchen was empty.

He was methodical - a quick sweep of dishes into the sink, empty and rinse the coffee pot, and put on a kettle for tea. The first rosy streaks of daylight were visible above the trees by the time he set foot outside. Kenshin breathed in the humid summer morning, a mug of hot tea in his hand,and closed his eyes.

The climate was not quite right - the towering old forest that enclosed the house and covered much of the grounds did temper the heat considerably - but summer, strangely, was the season that affected him the most. Perhaps it was the cicadas droning ceaselessly, the birds active bright and early to fetch their breakfasts.

Or maybe it was the fireflies that lit up the early evening air.

He was the only one who kept up the dojo - after all, what use did most of the household have for one? It was an escape for him, much like Edward’s laboratory down in the basement was his own refuge. Kenshin slid the shoji aside but did not enter, instead seating himself on the porch, mug of hot tea by his knee.

Summer, he had decided, seemed just a little bit more familiar from this angle.
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Title: Merry
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Muse'verse
Word Count: 300

It was still cool enough that the air conditioning did not need to be turned on - the windows were open and the clatter of dishware and the chatter of many different people floated through, carried on the cool night air. Kenshin smiled, leaning against the porch railing, and stared off into the night.

The strange thing was that this was comfortable, now. Certainly there were the lion’s share of fights to be broken up, Elrics were largely territorial beasts and having so many coexisting in the same environment was a case study waiting to happen. There was one thing for certain, life in the Kansaki Sou was never dull.

Laughter close by caught his attention, and Kenshin glanced over his shoulder. The front door banged noisily - they had to install a screen door to keep the dogs from roaming as they pleased - and it was Sariel, dragging his Roy by one hand and grinning widely. Kenshin watched with a smile as the two angels disappeared into the darkness, leaving a trail of feathers behind them.

“Ah, there you are,” Edward said as he popped his head out the door. Kenshin straightened and took the barest moment to be certain - before relaxing his posture. This was his Edward, he did not even need to check for the ring.

“Tell me you’re not looking for me in regards to clean-up duty,” Kenshin said, and Edward grinned. The light coming through the windows made his hair shine like the sun, even in the darkness outside.

“I’m sure you’ll be in turns relieved and horrified to know it’s the werewolf and the vampires,” Edward reported dutifully. Kenshin sighed, and Edward bumped his shoulder into Kenshin’s companionably. “Nice night,” he said, and Kenshin put his arm around Edward.

“Now it is.”
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Title: Empty Bar
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Muse'verse
Word Count: 300

Kenshin stood in front of the refrigerator in the basement and sighed. It was an older model, the one that once stood in the kitchen until Edward accidentally lit the ice maker on fire. (There had never been a satisfactory explanation as to why the ice maker had been lit on fire, or how, for that matter - but one thing Kenshin had learned was that when he heard Edward go “oops, oops, oh SHIT” he simply Did Not Want To Know.) The freezer portion may have been out of commission, but the actual fridge portion still worked, and they used that to store the booze.

Most of the time.

Right now, most of the long-neck bottles were gone, there was a mysterious, wrapped object nestled in the middle of the shelf and the remaining bottles of beer were crowded around it. The hard liquor in the door was untouched.

So now, the question remained - did Kenshin really want to know what that wrapped bundle was, and whose fault was it?

The majority of the residents didn’t drink much - the werewolf Ed, the angel Roy, and Rian’s Edward were the ones who often made the biggest dent in the reserves. The hunters, thankfully, kept to their own stash; the lot of them were functioning alcoholics and generally bad influences. Kenshin reasoned that they spent most of their grocery budget on beer, judging only by the recycling bin in the garage.

He sighed, and leaned his arm on the open door. He didn’t want to touch the bundle, but his curiosity was getting the better of him. It was the wrong size and shape to be a human head - he hadn’t forgiven Kennichi for that prank yet, either - but there was no telling WHAT it could be.
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Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Muse'verse
Word Count: 300

One of the benefits of the master bedroom meant that it got the full brunt of the morning sun. Filtered through the glass and the messily-closed blinds, it created a slow-bake environment until the two bodies sprawled across the bed finally started to stir. Edward woke first, burrowed half under Kenshin, his automail arm tucked under his chest and his head nestled securely against Kenshin’s throat.

He inhaled, sighed, and closed his eyes. Even despite the stifling warmth, he did not want to move. But soon Kenshin would wake - if he had not already - and they would clamber out of bed and shower and get on with their day.

These few moments, though - they were absolute bliss. Safety and security and comfort; things that he had never presumed he would be allowed to have. And yet, he kept moving forward, toward a truth that would cleave him from the same comfort he took solace in.

It was too early to think melancholy thoughts like that. Edward yawned, and started to move, pushing himself upright with both hands. Kenshin’s hand shot out, grabbed his flesh arm by the wrist, and yanked him back down, face-first into the pillows.

He huffed into the pillow. “I knew you were awake,” he muttered, and Kenshin shoved him in the flesh shoulder.

“You’re gloomy,” Kenshin said, his voice thick with sleep. “I don’t like it when you’re gloomy."

"I’m not gloomy,” Edward rolled up onto his side and fought the terror in his gut at the thought that Kenshin already knew. “I just woke up."

Kenshin captured Edward’s hand - his real, flesh hand - and pulled it toward him, kissing the knuckles. Edward flushed from hairline on down, and Kenshin smiled at him. "You are a horrible liar,” he said softly.
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Title: Paper Bag
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Musebox
Word Count: 300

Edward - the werewolf Ed, he was almost a full head taller than Kenshin’s own, and had no automail - was pulling things out of the refrigerator, sniffing them, and making the most interesting faces.

“If it’s not good, don’t put it back in the fridge,” Kenshin said as he washed the dishes that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher. “Pitch it."

Edward pulled a bag of leftovers from some restaurant excursion and opened it, and then held it far from his face. "Is there anything in here that isn’t a science experiment of some kind?"

"I haven’t been to the grocer this weekend, so doubtful.” Kenshin put the plates he had rinsed in the strainer, and glanced over his shoulder at Edward. “Don’t put that back."

Edward slumped forward and groaned. "There isn’t even any beer, what the hell? How am I supposed to survive on rotten chicken and-” he poked at an opaque pitcher, and then lifted the lid. “Why is there a pitcher of straight vodka?"

"Why are you asking me questions that I don’t know the answer to?"

"I thought you were the boss around here.” Edward gave up and closed the door to the fridge. “Fuck it, I’m ordering a pizza. Maybe I can bribe the driver to pick up some beer on his way."

"Good luck with that, I can’t think of a single place that’ll deliver here any longer.” Kenshin nodded to the old, yellowed papers pinned to the freezer door with magnets. “People get excitable, pizza delivery people get traumatized, somehow we don’t get arrested."

"People get excitable?” Edward repeated, and then sighed. “There’s a dragon on the roof, yeah. Okay, I can see people getting excitable about that."

"Among other things,” Kenshin murmured. “Would you please put that stuff in the trash?”
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Title: Not Yet Alone
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshhin
AU: Musebox
Word Count: 300

Kennichi Himura trotted along the edge of the lake, the sunlight shimmering off the surface. He was far from the ‘Sou, back here deep in the woods, and it was peaceful. He crouched at the edge of the water, and looked out over the lake.

This was part of his territory - he had claimed out all the land around the 'Sou years ago. There were plenty of wolves in these woods, but they were real wolves, not interested in infringing on the territory of a werewolf. He exhaled, and scratched a hand through his shaggy red hair.

Things were weirdly tense at home. It wasn’t unusual for there to be spats between people - it had taken a good, long time for the Winchesters to warm up to the fact that there was a werewolf on-grounds that they weren’t permitted to hunt, for instance - but the general atmosphere had soured.

There was a whoop from somewhere above, and a shouted “INCOMING~” before a large white streak cannonball’d into the lake from above. Kennichi leaped to his feet as Sariel surfaced, way far out from shore.

The blond angel waved toward Kennichi. “Yo, 'nichi, is that you? Thought I recognized your pasty white ass!"

Kennichi dropped into a crouch, his ears as dark red as his hair. When he shifted back from wolf form he was naked, and usually there wasn’t anyone around to see him. "What the hell are you doing, birdboy?” he yelled back.

“Swimming, what does it-” Abruptly, Sariel’s head went under. Kennichi waited patiently, but he did not resurface. Concerned, Kennichi rose to his feet to get a better view, and then Sariel’s head broke water far closer to shore. “FUCK, I forgot the automail weighs a ton in water,” he spat water. “What’s up?”
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Title: Chasm
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Musebox
Word Count: 300

It was not unusual for there to be a low level of background noise at the ‘Sou - so this particular din didn’t usually warrant any extra attention given. However, Edward had been trying to take a nap on the couch, and with the windows open given the nice spring day, the row happening outside was infringing on his ability to sleep.

It was usually up to Kenshin to play peacemaker, mostly because Edward had no patience with his other selves and was more likely to resort to handing out punches like Halloween candy. However, Kenshin was not in the vicinity, and Edward wasn’t about to go tattle. He’d resolve this himself.

He opened the front door, to be greeted by two fully-grown wolves snarling, and Sariel - the Ed with wings, the second arrival here - hovering just out of reach.

Edward surveyed the situation, and then closed the front door.

There were things he would get involved in - but when the werewolves and the angels started trading blows, he excused himself from the conflict. Some of these dorks were immortal - he was definitely NOT.

“What’s the ruckus?” Kenshin was coming down the stairs, a laundry basket propped up against his hip.

“Sariel’s taunting the werewolves,” Edward dutifully reported, as from out on the lawn there came a loud yelp, followed by a whine.

Kenshin sighed, and Edward helpfully opened the door to the basement for him. “They’re fighting AGAIN? What is it about spring that makes everyone want to express their dominance?"

"Mating season,” Edward muttered.

“We’re human, Ed,” Kenshin called as he disappeared into the basement.

“Speak for yourself,” Roy Mustang, who had been standing in the doorway to the kitchen, said. Edward jumped a mile, and then glared at the angel.

“Who asked you?”
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Title: A Beautiful Lie
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist/Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Muse'verse
Characters/Pairings: Kenshin Himura/Edward Elric
Rating: M
Word Count: 5085

Summary: Edward has been keeping a secret from Kenshin. Will Kenshin be able to find out what it is?

Author's Notes: This was an older, unfinished fic. I'm trying to slowly work through my backlog and finish a lot of uncompleted stuff ... because there is a LOT of incomplete stuff. So, uh. Enjoy! If you like that kind of thing.


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Title: Sensation
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
Series: Muse'verse
Pairing: Kenshin/Ed
Rating: E
Word Count: 435

Summary: Daily Fic Prompt

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