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Title: #12 - Gingerbread
Rating: PG
Warning: Fluff, crossover
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist/Supernatural
Word Count: 1129
Characters/Pairings: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric
Summary: It's ED'S kitchen, damn it.

Author's Notes: Twelve days of Ficmas: start! (Here's to hoping I get all twelve done.)

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Title: Force
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Musese'verse
Word Count: 300

“You,” Kenshin pushed Edward’s face into the pillows. “Are such a fucking IDIOT, sometimes, I don’t know what to do with you-"

Edward laughed, the sound muffled by the pillows, and then cut off abruptly in a choked groan as Kenshin ground down on him. Kenshin had him by the hair, his fingers curled in it, gripping tight, close to his skull. Edward couldn’t lift his head if he wanted to.

"What,” Kenshin’s breath was hot on Edward’s ear as he hissed the words. “What am I going to DO with you, hm?"

It was a struggle to lift his head enough not to spit the words into the pillow. "I can think of a few things,” Edward said cheekily, inhaling sharply as Kenshin struck the bare skin of his ass open-handed. He barely had enough time to take another breath before Kenshin forced his head down again.

Edward bit back a moan as Kenshin smacked him again and again. He ground down into the bed, seeking to get away from the stinging blows but at the same time not really trying - if he was really, really trying Kenshin would have been on the floor by now. Kenshin yanked his head up by his hair and Edward gasped, panting loudly. “Can you now,” Kenshin said, his voice somehow silky smooth. “You still thinking of a few things then, I take it?"

Edward wet his lips before replying. "Several,” he said, and Kenshin laughed, running his fingers down the crack of Edward’s ass and over his taint. He stopped there, and Edward groaned in disappointment. “Come on, Himura,” Edward said, trying to twist his head free to get a look. “Don’t leave me hanging, fuck, do you want me to beg?"

"I would love to hear you beg,” Kenshin nearly purred.
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Title: The Gain
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Muse'verse
Word Count: 300

Kenshin sighed, his hands on his hips. “You are going to fall on your face,” he called. “And I am going to laugh."

Edward was balanced on the tree limb, very clearly ignoring Kenshin. He had monkeyed himself up a fair distance, which was no mean feat with all that metal hanging off of him. And now he was astride a limb that looked like maybe, MAYBE it would support his weight as he scooted along it, trying to reach two crumpled sheets of paper that had flown out of his grasp earlier.

It was a windy day - and it was sheer luck that the papers got caught in a tree right at the edge of the woods. Edward had been shouting invectives that up until about twenty minutes ago Kenshin was absolutely sure did not exist in any lexicon on this planet while he chased down the escaping pages.

And now he was twenty feet in the air, stretching along a branch that had started to bend under the stress of Edward’s weight, trying to grab at the pages before the wind took them again. "Why don’t you just use alchemy for this?” Kenshin suggested, as Edward grabbed at the papers and failed, fingertips barely brushing the edges.

“Why don’t you just use alchemy for this?” Edward parroted in a high-pitched imitation of Kenshin’s own voice. “Use it exactly HOW, Himura?"

"I don’t know, you’re the alchemist.” This was entertaining to watch, at least. “If you break your automail falling out of the tree I’ll let you be the one to call your mechanic this time. She’s scary."

"Fuck!” Edward screeched, his fingers just brushing the edges again. He slid down the branch just a little farther, finally reaching the papers. “Finally!"

There was a very ominous crack.
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Title: Repeat Until
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin
AU: Muse'verse
Word Count: 300

Like clockwork, Kenshin rose before dawn. In the summer that was earlier than usual, but he rolled out of bed silently, slipping out from under Edward’s heavy arm without disturbing him. He always paused, here - he made sure Edward had settled again, rolling onto his side and curling into a pillow - before he left the bedroom behind.

Pre-dawn the house was mostly silent. The majority of the residents had retired for the night - often Kenshin would encounter the vampires going about their bedtime routine, but this morning the kitchen was empty.

He was methodical - a quick sweep of dishes into the sink, empty and rinse the coffee pot, and put on a kettle for tea. The first rosy streaks of daylight were visible above the trees by the time he set foot outside. Kenshin breathed in the humid summer morning, a mug of hot tea in his hand,and closed his eyes.

The climate was not quite right - the towering old forest that enclosed the house and covered much of the grounds did temper the heat considerably - but summer, strangely, was the season that affected him the most. Perhaps it was the cicadas droning ceaselessly, the birds active bright and early to fetch their breakfasts.

Or maybe it was the fireflies that lit up the early evening air.

He was the only one who kept up the dojo - after all, what use did most of the household have for one? It was an escape for him, much like Edward’s laboratory down in the basement was his own refuge. Kenshin slid the shoji aside but did not enter, instead seating himself on the porch, mug of hot tea by his knee.

Summer, he had decided, seemed just a little bit more familiar from this angle.
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Title: Missing You
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Reverse'verse
Word Count: 300

Edward brushed his hair back with one hand and frowned at the face he saw in the mirror. It was too early for him to be fully awake, and the bruise on his jaw from the brawl at the station had only just started to fade. He tilted his head back, looking along the length of his jaw for other obvious wounds, and his eyes were drawn instead to the smaller, fresh bruises along the lower portion of his throat - considerately marked directly under the portion of his neck that would be covered by the high collar of the military uniform. Edward ran his fingers over them, and then turned on the tap.

It was strange, the silence that had descended on his apartment. He should be used to it by now - he had lived alone for years, and now Rian was in and out, here and gone, hopscotching across the country on a whim as Edward sent him on clean-up duty jobs to keep him busy. If he lingered, Edward thought to much …. and even when he wasn’t here, the younger alchemist was a dominant presence in his life. It was a strange feeling that had blanketed him ever since Rian started stashing clothing in his closet and left a toothbrush in his bathroom - a feeling that Edward had not managed to put together yet. He should be used to things occurring beyond his sphere of control by now - but that really didn’t make it any easier.

Edward’s fingers lingered on the marks on his throat. Rian had learned dominance quickly, he had learned precisely what to do to make Edward’s toes curl and his fingers claw at the bedsheets. And yet here he was, waking up alone, Rian’s side of the bed untouched.
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Title: Passing Over
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Reverse'verse
Word Count: 300

Rian had spread out all over the couch, he had staked it as his domain. Edward glowered at him but he didn’t have the heart to make Rian move, so he settled on the floor; his back to the couch.

The weekend was almost here, but it didn’t feel like there was any time to rest. Summer meant it was time for the re-certification exams for all the active-duty State Alchemists, and ever since Edward opened his idiot mouth at the wrong time four years ago, he had been on the committee.

At least, where enlisted alchemists were concerned, they could take the written, or a practical. Or, as most did, thankfully - they submitted their research. (That was the part Edward loved the most, he liked snooping around other alchemist’s research … or at least he thought he did, until he got to page seventy-nine of a treatise documenting the usage of alchemy on agriculture and the chimeric qualities of several hardy genus of wild wheat.)

Rian held the book open above his head and sighed deeply. “I don’t want to take the written,” he announced into the silence. “You wrote the test, it’s going to be fucking impossible."

Edward was making notes. "You passed it the first time, I wrote that one."

"Yeah, that was fucking impossible too.” Rian laid the book across his chest. “And I don’t have any research. What the hell am I going to do?"

"Do a demonstration,” Edward said. “Air alchemy is cool, people don’t get to see it often."

Rian beamed a little at the compliment. "You really think air alchemy is cool, you’re not just saying that?"

"It’s rare,” Edward said. “Plus, a demonstration is better than, say, a sparring match because you’re not proving how you can be a weapon.”
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Title: Not Good Enough
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Reverse'verse
Word Count: 300

“Are you KIDDING me,” Alphonse Elric said, and slammed a book down on Edward’s desk. Edward woke suddenly, jerking upright and looking around wildly before focusing on the irate form of his younger brother. Alphonse had crossed his arms, irritation evident as he watched Edward flounder towards comprehension. “Brother, are you trying to give me grey hair? Thomas does that on his own, he doesn’t need your help!"

Edward scrubbed his left hand over his face. "Al,” he said. “What - what the fuck are you doing here, do not tell me you took the train just to yell at me in person-"

"I have briefings all week in Central.” Thankfully, Alphonse’s voice had returned to a more neutral tone, because Edward still didn’t have any idea why he was being yelled at. “I told you about this last month, anyway-” the darkness scrolled over his face again. “Do you recall Lieutenant Colonel Hayes?"

Edward thought about this. He winced internally, and then offered up a weak ”…no?“

He may have gotten a whole lot better about not telegraphing his emotions, but Alphonse could read him like a book. He arched an eyebrow at Edward, and Edward winced again. "What happened?"

"We knew Hayes was a spy from Aeruga,” Alphonse said, mock-patiently. “He was planted somewhere safe where we could watch him. You, however, managed to get him reassigned, which rather makes this orchestration difficult."

"Well, how was I supposed to know he was important?” Edward asked angrily. “You won’t read me in on most of your schemes. You’ll tell Rian what you are up to, but not me."

"I thought it was a better idea to have you in the know, but the last time we did that you ended up showboating to stop an assassination attempt.” Alphonse scowled.
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Title: First Date
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Reverse'verse
Word Count: 300

Tuesdays were stupid, Edward had decided long ago. They followed Mondays on his chain of hatred. Tuesdays were meeting days, and boy did those old windbags in the senior staff love to chatter. On top of that, the diplomats from Xing were in town again and everyone had lost their shit over their them and Edward well, he had a fucking job to do, didn’t he?

So he was trapped in his office two hours past shift’s end, trying desperately to think of a way to accidentally brick Senior Colonel Neuhaus into his office when Rian knocked on the door. “Colonel, what are you still doing here?"

Edward looked up, and he honestly felt his irritation derail.

Rian had, from somewhere, procured a familiar-looking suit. It was old, and slightly worn, but it made him look five years older, and he had not only combed his hair but slicked it back as well. "Why are you staring at me like that?” Rian touched a hand to his head, and then shook his head. “No matter, we’re going to be late, Colonel; it’ll look bad if you turn up late to this."

"Turn up late to what?” Edward was so confused, and he couldn’t quite process Rian at the moment.

“The concert,” Rian said impatiently. “The performance by the delegation from Xing? Captain Hawkeye was supposed to be your bodyguard for this but I talked her out of it. You owe me for that, by the way.” He crossed his arms and frowned. “And that Xingian Prince keeps looking at you the same way you look at a steak."

"Are you wearing my old suit?” Edward asked weakly.

“I had to do some creative alchemy to get the trousers to fit right,” Rian pointed at the clock. “We have to go now, Colonel.”
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Title: Bad Haircut
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Reverse'verse
Word Count: 300

“It’s not that bad,” Edward said, combing his fingers through his bangs distractedly. “It’s not really THAT bad, is it?"

There was silence from the peanut gallery, that was never a good sign. Edward tugged at his bangs again, and looked over to Rian, who had somehow managed to perfect a disturbingly familiar poker face in the last twenty minutes. "Rian, help me out here!"

Alphonse ran his hand down his face, lingering over his mouth. "Brother,” he said with a sigh. “Did you do that to yourself? Why would you do that-?"

Edward’s look turned plaintive. "It is. It is that bad. Oh, hell, I have to go into work like this-"

Winry gave up all semblance of composure and folded over herself, howling with laughter. This startled Alphonse slightly, who glanced at her, bewildered, looked to Edward - who had gone to the mirror hanging in the hallway and was trying to twist around enough to see the back of his head - and then passed his glance over to Rian. "What?” he asked, befuddled. “I mean, it’s funny, it looks like Sarah took her scissors to him while he slept on the couch or something…."

Rian raised one eyebrow, the grin barely contained on his face. Alphonse sat back and groaned, and then looked over at Winry, who was still cackling. "Please tell me you didn’t encourage this."

"I told her,” Winry wiped tears from her eyes. “I told her to go play with him, I didn’t realize he had fallen asleep, or that she had found the scissors."

Edward yowled from the hallway like someone had stepped on his tail. "Why is the back of my hair PINK!?"

There was a pause, and then this time Alphonse and Rian both joined Winry in her contagious laughter.
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Title: At the Park
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Reverse'verse
Word Count: 300

If he was lucky, sometimes Edward was able to sneak out of the office for lunch. The preliminary portion of the yearly State Alchemist examinations was over, and while his desk was buried under a perpetual avalanche of overdue reports, there were no meetings keeping him in the office during the usual lunch hour.

Another point in his favor was that Captain Hawkeye was out of the office, so he only had to skirt Pvt. Cushler, who was reading a Timothy Quick novel at his desk instead of doing - whatever it was that he was supposed to be doing.

It was not quite summer yet; the sun high and hot in the cloudless blue sky, but the solstice had not yet passed. Not far off base was a large park full of market vendors and food carts - it was a popular place, full of families and office workers, with nearly every third person clad in the familiar blue of the military uniform. He purchased his lunch, a sandwich and coffee, and found an abandoned park bench further away from the frolicking children and chatter of adults.

It was a peaceful respite, to eat lunch outside in the shade of large, old trees. After so many years on the road, traveling by foot and the occasional camping out, he missed being able to be outdoors with the same frequency.

“Colonel Elric!"

Edward looked up - the notion of privacy on his lunch break was a thing of the past, especially if he left the sanctity of his office. Fortunately, though, he recognized the voice, and it was all he could do to keep a relieved smile off his face. "Rian, you’re still supposed to be in the South."

Rian Martin grinned as he trotted up. "Train got in early.”
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Title: Blurry Edges
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Reverse'verse
Word Count: 300

Sometimes Edward slept at his desk, the exhaustion of a long day dragging down on him, to the point where he propped himself up with his automail hand to keep from smudging ink across his face when he nodded off. Those were the worst days, the days where they went from dawn past dusk and into the night, reports stacked high in the inbox, or the soldiers being mustered for conflicts at the border.

He had never been much of a soldier, always the loose cannon, never fit for following orders. It was a miracle of miracles that he hadn’t been bounced out of the military over insubordination or worse - but there was a particular kind of luck that came with being Edward Elric.

(A particularly sick and twisted kind of luck - but it was still luck nonetheless.)

And sometimes, when he dozed at his desk, he would dream of Roy. Roy smiling softly, hazy in the sunlight; he would lean over Edward and brush his hair back, kiss his forehead, and then fade into his most pleasant of memories. Edward always woke with the most peculiar feeling after those dreams, the sense of loss palpable in his gut … how much had he actually accomplished, in the wake of Roy’s death? Years of work, in the field and at this desk, running in circles - had he really accomplished anything?

But then there were the times that he woke at the contact, and swore for a moment that the dream was real - until Rian’s dark eyes registered that Edward didn’t see him and he stepped away, expression guarded. No matter how many times it happened, no matter how quickly Edward registered the correction, the wound was always there.

Soon, Rian stopped waking him from those dreams.
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Title: Morning
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Reverse'verse
Word Count: 300

“You have three minutes to get your ass out of bed,” Rian yelled from the kitchen, flatware clinking in the sink as he rinsed off a plate. “Or I will get the hose, this time!"

There had been no movement from the bedroom since Rian had rolled out of bed at the crack of dawn. Occasionally the overwhelming scent of coffee could cause the beast to emerge from its slumber - or even the sound of eggs sizzling in a skillet - but both weapons were ineffective today. So he had to resort to plan C.

He wiped off the plate with a clean towel, and as he turned to place it in the strainer, he saw Edward standing muzzily in the doorway. "Finally,” Rian said, and Edward squinted at him, and scratched his tangled hair with one hand.

“Do I even have a hose?” he asked, and Rian thrust a mug of coffee in his hands.

“Hell if I know.” He pointed Edward toward the kitchen table, where Rian had cleaned from the strewn mess of newspapers and classified reports that Edward wasn’t supposed to be taking home. “Don’t get coffee on the Briggs report, it’s the only copy we’ve got and Hawkeye’ll kill me."

Edward shuffled the file Rian had been reading out of the danger zone, and paused. "You’re not cleared for this,” he said.

“And you’re not supposed to be bringing classified documents home,” Rian retorted pointedly. “Alphonse’d kill you if he knew."

"He gave me this one.” Edward had not put it down yet, but held it clear of his coffee. “Something to do with … oh, oh I remember this one.” He closed it and snorted, tossing it on the pile. “Yeti, or something."

"Well, it did make for good breakfast reading,” Rian said.
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Title: Enigmatic
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: None
Word Count: 300

Alphonse Elric sat across from his older brother on the train and pointedly ignored the fact that Edward kept shifting in his seat. The hard train benches were not usually that much of a bother to Edward - or at least, not usually until much, much farther along on their journey.

Edward was at least trying not to make a big deal of his discomfort. Thankfully. Alphonse particularly liked to pretend that he did not know the source of the issue - there were some things he just simply did not want to think about. Edward had spent the night with Roy doing “research” (is THAT what they were calling it these days? Alphonse wasn’t blind, and Edward still changed in front of him … and a certain someone left hickeys where clothing would usually cover) and had come back cheery and chipper and not at all affected until he very gingerly sat down opposite Alphonse.

Upon rare occasion, the armor was useful.

Included upon those occasions were the massive, full-body blush of realization he would have had otherwise.

At first, he was hurt that Edward didn’t seem inclined to reveal his relationship with the colonel to his little brother. After all, they shared pretty much everything else. However, he soon realized that Edward figured Alphonse already knew. His brother was pretty forthwith with most things - except the things that he hadn’t quite worked through yet - so he was probably still dealing with the emotional baggage of being involved with Colonel Mustang. That, or he had decided already this was just a physical thing and felt no need to mention it otherwise.

Alphonse saw the way he looked at the Colonel when he thought no one was watching; there was no way it was anything else but THAT.
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Title: Hiding Something
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: None
Word Count: 300

Sometimes it unsettled Edward how quickly this had become the norm; waking up in a bed with another person beside him, a warm breathing body that he could touch and feel. Alphonse - it’s not that he didn’t know where Edward disappeared to some nights, he just pretended he didn’t, because there was no way that Edward was successfully keeping this from his little brother. Al knew everything, he always did.

He rolled up on his side, the sheet sliding down over his waist as he looked over at Mustang. Roy was either still asleep or faking it (the second one, assuredly, Roy didn’t like to show weakness, even to his lover in bed), but his breathing was still soft, and his mouth was slightly open. Edward stared at him, feeling that strange, warm fuzzy feeling in his belly that had become an almost permanent fixture when he looked at the man, and smiled.

This was so WEIRD, how could he not…? Edward leaned over Roy, his hair loose and tangled down his back, and ran his hand down Roy’s jaw. He closed his mouth at Edward’s touch, but his eyes still did not open. “Faker,” Edward murmured, and leaned down to kiss Roy’s forehead.

Hell, he wasn’t allowed to have something like this. He still had a duty and an obligation to Alphonse - that was supposed to come first, not his hormones. The guilt weighed off him like a physical thing, but he couldn’t help that - any more than he could help being captivated by Roy’s dark eyes and skilled (if snarky) mouth.

A smile tugged at the corner of that same mouth, and Edward pushed at his shoulder. “Faker, open your eyes,” he said.

Roy’s voice was sleepy. “I don’t want to wake from this dream.”
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Title: Always Against
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: None
Word Count: 300

Whenever he needed to clear his head, there was always Alphonse.

Edward bounded across the grass, his bare foot sliding slightly as he angled himself to absorb the attack and return it, his automail pinging off of Alphonse’s tough armor exterior. There were few things in this world that he didn’t have to pull his punches against, and currently his little brother was at the top of that list.

Alphonse caught his foot and flipped him, but Edward caught himself before he could land on his back, spinning on his hands and turning the momentum to his advantage.

It was cathartic, sparring like this. He could focus all of his energy, all of his pent-up frustration and anger into the satisfying chorus of metal against metal. He didn’t have to think about how Mustang was driving him crazy, didn’t have to think about how the man made him feel things he didn’t understand or know how to deal with, he didn’t have to think about his guilt and the weight of the world - he had to live in the moment, in this very moment and pay attention to what REALLY mattered ….

…which currently was not allowing Al to knock his fucking block off.

Alphonse caught him in midair, the impact of his arm (spikes faced the other way, thank goodness) driving all the breath from Edward’s lungs as he was forced back the way he came. He staggered back, feet sliding on the dew-slick grass and a leg sweep took him down.

His brother immobilized him with one heavy boot, the treads digging into his flesh where his shirt rode up. “Pinned you,” Alphonse said cheerfully, not the slightest trace of exertion in his voice.

Edward wheezed and banged on Al’s foot with his hand. “Lemme up, Al!”
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Title: Complicated
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: None
Word Count: 300

“I don’t understand you,” Roy sighed, playing with the end of Edward’s braid idly. Edward was seated between his legs, back against the couch, a book propped open in his lap and half a sandwich dangling from his gob. Edward, for the most part, was ignoring him, concentrated more on the book at hand than the fact that Roy was teasing the ends of his hair.

He really did not understand - when Edward had made mention of stopping by just this morning, Roy had assumed, well - they had barely seen each other in weeks, what ELSE was he going to assume? Edward surprised him at every turn, though, and after a wolfed-down dinner he settled on a sandwich for dessert (really?) and leaned back against the couch, a book open and lost to the world.

He couldn’t help but smile. Roy really was not surprised that he was ditched for a new bit of arcana for Edward to chew over; he was voracious in his appetite for knowledge. All the same, he had been thinking about spreading Edward out on his bed all afternoon, brushing his hands through Edward’s hair, muffling his gasps and making him sob into the sheets ….

These were the wrong thoughts to have when Edward was sitting between his legs, but hell, he couldn’t help himself.

Edward tilted his head back, and came dangerously close to feeling Roy’s erection with the top of his head. Golden eyes, so much like a wolf’s, and Edward stared up at Roy silently as he considered.

How had he ever worked himself into this situation, Roy would never figure out, but damn if Edward wasn’t pretty in the early evening light, the sunlight radiating off of his hair. Roy sighed, and smiled at Edward. Edward smiled back.
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Title: Under the House
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: None
Word Count: 300

It was never a good thing that Roy came home to Edward sitting on his front stoop. He wasn’t paying attention to the road, watching instead the progress of a tiny line of ants carrying away the crumbs from half a sandwich still in his hand. Roy sighed, stopping before Edward, and scratched at the back of his head wearily. “Fullmetal, what are you doing here?"

Edward looked up at him, and pointedly took a bite of his sandwich. "Waitin’ on you."

Roy looked up and down the street. Late spring meant that the neighbors were out in force, working on lawns, watching children play in the yards and up the street. It was not the optimal place for a confrontation of any sort, and "discretion” was a word that Edward liked to avoid. “You’ll notice,” Edward continued airily, “that I did not let myself in."

"I see that,” Roy said through gritted teeth. “It had perhaps escaped your notice that would have been the wisest option?"

"Yeah, because me letting myself in my commanding officer’s home is a good idea,” Edward flicked more crumbs at the ants. “Also, Al is stuck under the back porch and I think it’s funny."

There was only one logical answer to that, and Roy blinked at Edward. "Alphonse is - what?"

"Stuck. Remember how you told me a stray had kittens and was hiding in your - fuck was it called, some kinda bush in the back yard-"

"And your brother scared them under the porch?"

"Nah, the mom had already moved'em. He was just trying to get a look.” Edward polished off the sandwich, and licked his fingers. “I didn’t want to go about transmuting your home without you knowin’ about it first."

"I applaud your restraint,” Roy sighed, as Edward beamed.


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