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Title: Two Steps Forward
Rating: M
Warning: Idiot boys, schmoop, smut
Series: Samurai Flamenco
Word Count: 3343
Characters/Pairings: Gotou Hidenori/Hazama Masayoshi

Summary: "Go out?" Gotou repeated, and then waved his hand in the air. "Nah, I'm tired. It was a long shift today, there's been a few problems at work lately." Gotou was looking at him like he expected Masayoshi to jump on that, but Masayoshi was on a different tack.

"I meant," Masayoshi said. "Like on a date."

Masayoshi lay on his stomach on Gotou's bed, his chin in his hand and one of the weekly manga magazines open before him. He had considerately made the bed first, Gotou complained when Masayoshi sprawled out in the wreck of sheets left behind in the morning, but he couldn't help it. The tiny, too-small bed smelled of Gotou, and if he couldn't have Gotou with him here then the bed would just have to do.

There had been designs on getting a separate futon for him when Gotou realized that Masayoshi had pretty much moved himself into the apartment, but Masayoshi had argued with him about it being a waste. The apartment wasn't that big, and really - they didn't NEED separate beds at all, did they?

Gotou's face had gone pink when Masayoshi slid his arm around Gotou's waist, but he hadn't pushed Masayoshi away, just managed a muttered 'idiot', and that was that. Masayoshi grinned to himself, and flipped the page of the manga. Gotou blushed so easily, and it wasn't something that he had even noticed at first - but he hadn't been really looking at Gotou then, had he? Not like this.

They were kind of a couple now - well, honestly, Masayoshi wasn't really sure what they were. Dating, maybe? But they hadn't gone on any real dates yet, the ones where you dressed up nicely and met for dinner and walked hand-in-hand down the street. No description really fit them well enough for Gotou to be comfortable with it, and Masayoshi really only cared because other people asked. They just were.

He flipped more pages - Gotou had made this annoyed 'tch' noise when he added it to their purchases at the corner store, but then Masayoshi caught him reading it while in the bathroom. Masayoshi smiled idly to himself, and heard the key in the lock.

"Oi," Gotou's voice came from the tiny foyer. "I'm home."

Masayoshi hopped up from the bed. Gotou was still taking his shoes off, but he held out a plastic bag to Masayoshi. "I brought dinner home," he started to say, straightening, but Masayoshi threw his arms around Gotou's neck and kissed him.

Gotou went scarlet and stiffened - it took a moment, but he kissed Masayoshi back, warmly. "Welcome home," Masayoshi said cheerfully, lingering - he loved that expression of surprise and affection he could get out of Gotou, and then took the bag from him. Gotou shuffled about, putting on his slippers and trailing after Masayoshi. "Did you bring curry?"

"Of course," Gotou said with a sigh, but there was a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Heaven forbid I forget it."

Masayoshi stuck his tongue out at Gotou as he squeezed past in the kitchenette, and Gotou laughed. He ruffled Masayoshi's hair as he passed, and then sat down heavily on the edge of the bed. "What have you been doing all day, reading manga?"

"Well," Masayoshi stuck his head around the doorframe. "I spent the morning with Ishihara-san, they want me to do some kind of press conference next week," he made a face. "But right now there's not a lot lined up for me."

Gotou picked up the manga magazine from where Masayoshi had left it, before setting it on the table and flopping back on the bed. "Must be nice to have the time off," he said, and stared at the ceiling.

Masayoshi heard the text message tone from the other room, and pressed his lips into a line. Gotou didn't text 'her' nearly as often as he used to, would go days at a time without it - but he still hadn't entirely stopped. Masayoshi put the canned drinks Gotou had brought into the small under-the-counter refrigerator, and went back into the main room sitting down on the bed next to Gotou.

He didn't look over as Gotou tucked the phone away. "Do you want to maybe go out?" he asked.

"Go out?" Gotou repeated, and then waved his hand in the air. "Nah, I'm tired. It was a long shift today, there's been a few problems at work lately." Gotou was looking at him like he expected Masayoshi to jump on that, but Masayoshi was on a different tack.

"I meant," Masayoshi said. "Like on a date."

There was a long moment of silence, and then Gotou asked, puzzled: "Right now?"

Masayoshi exhaled the breath he didn't realized he'd been holding. "You just said you were tired, of course not right now."

"Yeah," Gotou transferred his gaze to the ceiling. He was turning pink again. Masayoshi stared at him and shivered a little, it was unfair that it had taken him so long to realize this. "So, when?"

"I don't know, I hadn't thought that far ahead," Masayoshi said impatiently. Gotou laughed at that, and Masayoshi pouted.

"Come here," Gotou said, and grabbed Masayoshi by the sleeve. Masayoshi squawked and fell back across him, and when he rolled Gotou caught him by his face with both hands and kissed him.

Oh, this was something much less confusing. Masayoshi was okay with *this*. Every time Gotou kissed him it sent warmth through his entire body. There was this niggling little voice in the back of his head that kept telling him no, Gotou's only going along with this because you want it - but every time Gotou kissed him, unbidden, that voice got just a little quieter.

After a few moments, Gotou's mouth trailed lower. Masayoshi tilted his head back and licked his lips - never thought he'd find the taste of tobacco arousing - and he remembered the reading he'd done earlier in the day. As if his face wasn't red enough already. Masayoshi squirmed and Gotou's breath ghosted along his neck. "I want to try something," Masayoshi said, and wriggled in Gotou's arms. "Can I?"

Gotou's head came back, and he kissed right above Masayoshi's eye. Masayoshi knew he was completely scarlet, at least their blushes matched at this point. "Try what?" Gotou asked.

It was so much easier when these actions didn't have words, or names, or diagrams. Masayoshi had spent way too long on inappropriate websites while sitting in the back of a car waiting on Ishihara, but it wasn't like he'd ever paid any mind to these things before. There were always more important things to do, to learn, to train- but this was important now, too. "Something," Masayoshi mumbled, didn't want to say the words. Gotou's hands were wandering down his body, and that was a little distracting. "Gotou!"

"Sure," Gotou rumbled. He had the best look on his face and Masayoshi just stared at him a moment; it wasn't like Gotou's face was usually guarded but he just looked like all his defenses were down right now. He raised an eyebrow at Masayoshi, and Masayoshi kissed him again, before shifting off of Gotou just enough so that he could slip his hand down into Gotou's pants.

This was still really new. Really new. Masayoshi tried not to look at what he was doing, because he just might die of embarrassment - but he was going to have to look eventually, with his luck things would go very wrong otherwise. Besides, it wasn't that he didn't like looking… Gotou was warm and most of the way to hard already in his hand - Masayoshi used his other to help move Gotou's trousers and underwear enough out of the way.

Gotou propped himself up on his elbows when Masayoshi slid off the bed. "Oi," he said, brow furrowed. "What were you gonna…?”

Masayoshi knelt between Gotou's legs and looked up at him, and Gotou actually turned a few shades darker as the realization set in. "Hey, you don't have to do that," he said, as Masayoshi considered his bared cock. Masayoshi rubbed it with one hand, held it steady, and gave it an exploratory lick.

Gotou made a noise that didn't sound like either distress or pain, so Masayoshi did it again. Gotou had put his mouth on Masayoshi before, so it was about time he returned the favor.

It wasn't too bad, if he didn't let himself think too hard on what exactly he was putting into his mouth. He had to be careful with his teeth, and he knew he was a little bit sloppy but Gotou really didn't seem to care. He had covered his face with one hand, and the other had found a home clamped on Masayoshi's head.

The only thing he hadn't taken into account was what to do when Gotou let out a low groan, tightened his hand in Masayoshi's hair, and came in his mouth.

Masayoshi sat on his heels for a second, stunned - and then Gotou said, "Oh shit, Masayoshi-" and he realized what that taste actually was. Masayoshi was on his feet and over the sink in the kitchenette so quickly he overturned the table.

The videos - he hadn't gotten that far, Ishihara had slid into the car and Masayoshi had almost broken his phone trying to turn everything off before she could see what he was watching. Masayoshi heard Gotou struggle to his feet while he rinsed his mouth out again and again - stupid, stupid he knew that was going to happen, how had he managed to forget just that quickly - but it was so easy to lose himself in the moment, especially with the soft, choked-off noises Gotou was making.

"Masayoshi, are you all right?" Gotou had one hand on his pants, holding them onto his hips and the other on the doorframe for support.

"Fine," Masayoshi said, and spat into the sink again. "Fine - was that okay? I wasn't sure, I mean, you've done it for me-"

"That was incredible," Gotou said, breathing heavily. He took a step into the kitchenette, grabbed Masayoshi by the back of the head and kissed him. Masayoshi tried to push him off - idiot, where has my mouth BEEN - but gave up after a moment when it became clear Gotou knew exactly where that mouth had been and no longer cared.

Masayoshi opened his eyes when Gotou licked the corner of his mouth. "What," he said, and Gotou hugged him closer.

"Missed some," he murmured, and Masayoshi's face went scarlet again.

They ate the curry side-by-side, against the bed. Masayoshi wasn't fond of beer, so Gotou had gotten him canned tea - he had been tempted, for a split second, to purchase a canned beverage that had a picture of a masked superhero that he didn't recognize for Masayoshi, but realized that the can would probably be rinsed out and saved so he decided against it. They just didn't have the room for things like that, not yet.

Masayoshi sat very close - he just had to lean slightly and his shoulder would brush Gotou's, which he did often, bumping their shoulders companionably. Gotou wished there was a way to fight every damn blush, because this was getting ridiculous. At least now he could blame it on the beer, and not the fact that Masayoshi had, without being asked, given Gotou a very thorough blowjob.

A pretty damn good one for someone who'd never done it before, all things considered. Gotou stuck his spoon in his mouth and tried not to think about it, but Masayoshi was right next to him, practically in his space already. However, Masayoshi was paying more attention to the television than to Gotou, which was good because if they upset the table this time, food and drink would go everywhere and that would put a huge damper on things.

On 'things.'

This was a thing.

This was a thing and he was sleeping with Masayoshi and somehow the entire world kept spinning.

Masayoshi noticed the expression on his face and nudged his shoulder. "Something wrong?" he asked, and Gotou shook his head and smiled. He slid his arm over Masayoshi's shoulder and their heads bumped a bit together.

"Nothing's wrong," Gotou said. This was comfortable - he may not have a couch, but the two of them on the floor, Masayoshi's body warm against his, this was a thousand times more comfortable than sitting on opposite ends of the couch with the gulf of emptiness between them. "So you want to go on a date," he said, as Masayoshi slid a little bit down, rested his head on Gotou's shoulder.

"It's what couples do," Masayoshi said. The television had moved on to the late news, he could feel Masayoshi tense beside him so he switched the channel. This whole candidacy thing - there still hadn't been an opening for Masayoshi to bow out and he didn't want to deal with it. Fortunately, like all things political, progress on it had ground to a near halt.

"You used to like seeing yourself on television," he said into Masayoshi's hair.

"News is different." Masayoshi muttered. "It's not about - it's not about helping people, it's always gossip, it's never good anymore-" he sighed, and Gotou held him a little bit tighter. This was uncharted territory for both of them - none of Masayoshi's dramas or manga ever really dealt with the day-to-day of it, once the stakes got high enough it was always about the fights, only the fights and then a happy little epilogue and you went on your way to the next series. There was no guidebook for this.

There was no road map for where he'd fallen in love with his best friend.

"You're off tomorrow, right?" Masayoshi asked, his fingers trailing lazily on Gotou's thigh.

"I get the feeling that I'm not going to get a lot of sleep tonight," Gotou murmured, and Masayoshi's ear turned pink. He laughed and squeezed Masayoshi's shoulder, and when Masayoshi turned his head up he paused, their faces barely a hand's span apart.

He was in love with his best friend.

"Gotou?" Masayoshi asked, brow furrowed.

"Hidenori," he said suddenly, before he could change his mind. Masayoshi blinked at him a moment, clearly processing this, and then his expression lit up like the morning sun. "You should - probably, I mean, since we're together-" Why was this so strangely awkward? But then again, even she never used his given name, only his mother....

Masayoshi sat back on his heels a little. "Hidenori," he said cautiously, and it sounded so right coming off of Masayoshi's tongue that Gotou wanted to breathe a sigh of relief. He beamed at Gotou, and Gotou smiled back.

Then Masayoshi leaned forward and kissed him, slow and deep. Gotou pushed his hand back into Masayoshi's hair, breathed him in and was surprised as he always was, how right this felt.

At some point, Masayoshi decided, that he wanted to do this to Gotou.

No, Hidenori.

The next thought got broken halfway through, Goto-no, Hidenori's mouth on his collarbone, hot like fire. He was pinned to the bed under him, heavy and hot and stifling and Masayoshi wanted more. He could barely breathe like this and when he could drag air into his lungs every breath smelled of Hidenori. He dragged his hands down strong shoulder blades and thought about Hidenori under him, writhing - he was going to have to suggest that sometime, if he could remember it after tonight.

"Hell," Hidenori gasped into his shoulder, sweat running down his face. He said something else after it, Masayoshi wasn't sure what, his voice was muffled, face against Masayoshi's flesh. It doesn't really matter because he's still moving, one hand solid on Masayoshi's hips, holding him there, keeping him from moving up the bed-

Masayoshi doesn't have much leverage like this and it's probably a good thing, he wants to bang his hips back up and Gotou won't let him move. Hidenori. "Please," he gasps, and there are teeth on the pulse of his throat, he tilts his head back, bares more of his neck. "Please," he says again, and breaks.

Hidenori gets his arms around him, lifts him and Masayoshi is sitting over his lap and he's even deeper like this. Masayoshi wraps his arms around Hidenori's shoulders, holds him tightly and moves for him. He has his hands firm on Masayoshi's hips, single points of solid strength and Hidenori's panting breaths are getting shorter, shorter - Masayoshi raises his head, presses his forehead to Hidenori's and watches him, forces himself to watch through the haze as Hidenori's jaw tightens and then, bliss.…Masayoshi laughs, laughs at the emotion that is just welling in him and the daze on Hidenori's face and kisses him like he is drowning. Maybe he is, but Hidenori kisses back with the desperation of the drowning and maybe they are both drowning in each other.

Masayoshi thinks that's fine.

Gotou woke with a mouthful of brown hair, sore muscles and the television still on low. His mouth was dry, but he didn't want to move to remedy that with Masayoshi half on top of him and breathing slowly. However, Masayoshi stirred when he reached up to rub his eye, and gray eyes peeked through the brown mop settled under his chin.

"I need a cigarette," Gotou murmured. Masayoshi whined a little, and then refused to move.

"Smoking's bad for you," he rumbled at Gotou officiously. Gotou furrowed his brow and tried to physically shove Masayoshi off, but Masayoshi had a good grip on the sheets, on either side of Gotou's head.

"Lemme up," Gotou groaned, putting one hand on Masayoshi's face, trying to lever him off. Masayoshi was stronger than he looked. Masayoshi licked the palm of his hand and Gotou yelped and withdrew. He narrowed his eyes at Masayoshi, who was grinning. "I know ALL of your ticklish spots," he threatened.

Masayoshi put his hands on Gotou's shoulders and leaned in close and for the first time he saw - Masayoshi looked like a predator, there was a gleam in his eye and he grinned sharply. "Next time," Masayoshi murmured, "next time, I am going to fuck you."

The desire snapped through Gotou like a firecracker. Holy shit, Masayoshi had never looked so attractive to him, hair spiked silly from sex and a sheen of sweat on his face and Gotou actually groaned. "Okay," he said, and tried not to sound eager. "Okay, can next time be after I smoke?"

Masayoshi sat back on his heels and allowed Gotou up, and Gotou pulled him into another kiss. He was about to say something, when his cell phone buzzed on the floor. They both paused and looked at it, and it was impossible to miss the narrow-eyed look that Masayoshi gave him.

Gotou rolled over Masayoshi and reached down the side of the bed, fishing out his cell phone. He tapped the unlock code and opened his messages. "It's Mari," he said, although he really didn't have to. "She's got - hm."

Masayoshi blinked, and got up on his knees, trying to determine what was going on. Gotou shielded the screen from him and grinned, typing out his reply and sending it. Masayoshi tugged at his arm and Gotou fended him off. "What, what does she have?" Masayoshi asked impatiently, and Gotou shoved him over. Masayoshi flopped over to the side behind Gotou, narrowed his eyes and then pinched the nearest expanse of flesh, which happened to be Gotou's bare behind.

This time, Gotou yelped and swatted at him, turning quickly on the small bed and almost rolling out of it. "Oi! Brat!"

Masayoshi had on his best innocent face. "What did Mari want?"

"She has something for me," Gotou said, making sure to lock his phone. Masayoshi made a face at him - "'m not gonna snoop, heroes don't snoop," he told Gotou, still lying on his side in their bed as Gotou grabbed his pants off the floor.

"I'm going to smoke," he told Masayoshi again. "I'll be back in a minute."

"Fine," Masayoshi said, but he wasn't pouting. He looked up at Gotou through the rumple of bedsheets and Gotou paused, pinned in that moment by that blue-grey eye. "Love you."

Gotou flushed bright red again, damn him. "Me too," he mumbled, and hurried himself out the door.


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