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Title: #8 - Lights
Rating: R
Warning: Smuttish
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Nightbreed
Word Count: 803
Characters/Pairings: Roy Mustang/Edward Elric/Rian Martin
Summary: This is why Ed isn't allowed to help decorate.

Author's Note: Hehehehe threesome pre-smuttish with two vampires and a werewolf. Sorry not sorry.

It was already well past dusk by the time Roy dragged himself out of bed. In the winter the daylight hours were shorter, and he tended to oversleep if someone (Ed) didn't poke him awake on time. It wasn't even so much that he NEEDED to sleep more, as he woke up the same level of refreshed from a six-hour sleep than he did from a twelve-hour sleep; it was just a human habit that he was never able to entirely shake.

The bed was already empty, and when Roy opened the door to the living room, the first thing he saw was Edward, in his wolf form, wrapped in Christmas lights.

"No," Roy said.

Edward looked his direction, opened his mouth as if he tried to say something and forgot he couldn't, and thumped his tail instead. Rian's head appeared from below the level of the back of the couch, and he pointed at Edward. "He rolled in the lights and now won't let me take them off," he complained. "I'm trying to put together a tree, Ed is NOT helping."

Edward's tail thumped harder, and Rian made a half-hearted grab for the end of the trail of lights, but Edward slipped a few steps back. It wasn't as if he could go all that FAR, the end of the lights was plugged in, and the multicolored lights lit his fur in primary shades. Rian however had very little interest in getting to his feet, so Edward was able to successfully maintain his strangely decorated state.

"I had no idea Edward was into bondage," Roy observed, leaning over the couch to see how far Rian was on the tree. "Why didn't you just buy a live tree?"

Rian looked up at Roy. "I wouldn't've been able to get it through the door myself, do you really think Sparky the Wonder Pup over there has been much help with anything? He almost dumped me in a snowdrift again today."

Edward flopped over and showed his belly.

"I know you're not an actual dog, I'm not giving you a belly rub," Roy told him, and Edward whined.

"It's really disconcerting that he likes to act like a dog," Rian said. "I don't get him."

"We've been together for a few years and I don't get him either," Roy said with a sigh. "He'll get tired of it eventually and shift back, and then he's going to be naked and bound up in Christmas lights."

Rian paused, and looked up. "Now that's an image I'm gonna file." He sat back against the couch and stared at Ed. "We could tie him to the headboard with the lights."

"Mm," Roy agreed. "I would have dibs on fucking him, though."

"You always have dibs," Rian muttered, and rotated a tree branch before shoving it correctly into its slot. "But whatever, that's still really hot. You could fuck'im and I would ride him."

Roy licked his lips, thinking about Edward's hot flesh squirming beneath him, and the pale slope of Rian's back as he crouched over Edward's lap. "We may have to do this now," he said. "Like, now."

"I know you just woke up and your libido is in full swing, but it's going to wait until I have at least finished this tree." Rian held a branch out to Roy. "I can't tell if that's black, or blue on the end of this branch, can you?"

Roy took the branch from him and tossed it over his shoulder. "Hey!" Rian said, and Roy leaned over the couch and grabbed the much smaller vampire by his scruff like a cat. "If Ed just wants to be wrapped in Christmas lights, I'll fuck you instead," he growled.

Rian twisted around under his grip, and managed to get his legs about Roy's waist. "Fine," he huffed, making himself sound put out. "Fuck me, let's just put the star on top of the dog and go have dirty vampire sex."

"Hey, who are you calling a DOG?" Edward said finally, sitting naked on the floor with lights tangled around his torso an in his hair. "I'm a wolf, fuck you."

"No," Rian said patiently. "ROY'S gonna fuck me. You can sit out here and wait."

Roy juggled Rian's weight about a bit - it wasn't that he couldn't support his kin, but it was an awkward angle. "How about," he suggested, "everyone into the bedroom, and we'll see about everyone getting thoroughly fucked, hm?"

"Sounds good to me," Edward yanked the cord out of the wall, and instead of untangling, simply trailed the Christmas lights after him. He twirled the plug a bit as he passed Roy. "I'm sure that we can put these to GOOD use, huh?"

"I'm sure I can think of something," Roy murmured.
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