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Title: Bush
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Sceptre of Flamel
Word Count: 300

Tracking Edward through the woods was usually fairly straightforward - he marched without regard to the lay of the land, or the flora around him. Roy would find trails forged straight through low-hanging branches and large, overgrown bushes, as well as the occasional snagged hair or bit of torn-offclothing. It was as if Edward didn’t care in the first bit that he was being followed.

Or perhaps he was just making his passage clear to Roy, who he knew would follow him, eventually.

Their cabin in the woods was isolated; there was no road, no path that connected it to the outside world. Roy had no idea how Edward had found it in the first place - he occasionally thought that perhaps Edward himself had built it, but the lack of gaudy ornamentation told him otherwise. He didn’t know where Edward went, when he disappeared - he would tell Roy not to worry, he’d be back in a few days, and he was, every time.

All the same, Roy was tired about being kept in the dark. He was Edward’s (ex)superior officer, dammit, he was a competent State Alchemist and an accomplished military man and whatever the hell Edward was getting up to he had a right to know.

(Also, he wasn’t about to admit that he got lonely when Edward wasn’t around. He had lived almost a quarter of a century before a certain blond catastrophe waltzed into his life, he could certainly entertain himself for one whole week.)

There was also the fact that he wasn’t quite keen on this angel business, not yet, and Edward was not particularly forthcoming with the details.

At the rate things were going, Roy was going to have to resort to tickling to get the information he wanted out of Edward.
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