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Title: Departure
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Reverse'verse
Word Count: 417

Roy looked as bad as Edward felt, blood smudged into his hairline and dirt streaked across his face. All the same, Edward tried to muster a smile for him and largely failed, the throbbing pain in his right leg cutting through his expression like a knife. 

The medic’s tent was the exact opposite of private, and Edward couldn’t reach for Roy like he wanted desperately to. It seemed stupid, this charade they kept up in front of unknowing eyes, but Roy’s career depended on it, and Edward - Edward couldn’t say that he understood it, truly, but he didn’t want Roy to fail on his account either. 

"We’re going back out there," Roy said, his voice hoarse with the effects of the dessert. "They’ve taken the rail lines, we can’t get trains in or out." His look was significant even if the words were unsaid. "If we can’t get you - and the others here - back to civilization soon, you may lose your other leg." 

"Eh," Edward knocked on his left knee. "Automail’s not so bad, really." There was something in Roy’s eyes that scared him. He wanted to grab at the other man, pull him down into a kiss but he was so aware of the other eyes in the tent and his resentment burned. "Lieutenant Hawkeye’s going with you, right?" 

"As if I could ever escape her," Roy managed a small, tight smile. "You just concentrate on getting well, Fullmetal. I’ll - we’ll be back soon." 

Edward nodded his head, licking his cracked lips. He wanted to say the words, they bubbled in his throat like acid but he couldn’t, he couldn’t take the risk. “Yeah,” he said, and tried not to let his desperation show through. “I’ll be waiting for your next order, you good-for-nothing colonel.”


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