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Title: Smutty Stuff
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
AU: Nightbreed
Word Count: 499

Summary: Daily Fic 2013

It was a little bit more difficult to fairly divide up attention with three of them in the bed now, but Edward was beginning to get good at multitasking. He was especially good at it in the middle, with Roy holding on to his hips, fingers digging into the warm tanned flesh and Rian holding his head still.

He didn’t mind being used like this, hell he practically rejoiced in it, the feeling of Roy pressing him open and keeping him full, the scent and taste of Rian as he filled Edward’s mouth – he loved the overwhelming power of them both.

Rian still did not have the practice that they did, the ability to pace himself quite as well. He almost always came first, and Edward would not let him withdraw, accepted Rian’s come down his throat without spilling a drop. Rian’s fingers had tightened in his hair almost painfully but Edward could barely feel it. Roy hadn’t stopped or slowed his stroke in the slightest.

Edward buried his head in his arms and groaned, as the feeling of being too full increased exponentially. Roy was always raring to go when it came to bedroom concerns, especially if he had just had a fresh meal.

Rian settled back, falling from his knees to his ass, one hand framing his now-flaccid cock, the other supporting his weight. He watched breathlessly as Roy fucked Edward in front of him, his rhythm growing more varied and violent as they both approached the edge.

It was magic, nights like these. Edward had so many things to do nowadays, that they didn’t get to just enjoy sex like they used to. Edward’s voice rose as Roy hit just right, and that was it for him. Over the edge in a twinkling, a cascade of emotions and pleasure shooting through his body in intense waves. Edward shuddered, feeling Roy still fucking, pumping into him again and again.

Rian leaned forward, tilting Edward’s head up. He looked a little glazed at the young vampire, who grinned wickedly and kissed Edward. Edward shuddered against his mouth as Roy held him still, his own orgasm finally hitting.

Hell, he could barely even think when his brain was scrambled like this, but the concern on Rian’s face is all too real. Edward brushed his hair, sticky-damp with sweat, from his brow as Roy slid off of him. “You okay?” Edward asked, and Rian actually laughed.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” he asked as Edward moved around, turning his back to Rian and presenting him with his ass.

“Presumably,” Edward said, hanging his head slightly. “But if you’d be so kind, I’m kind of not done wanting to get fucked. You’re ready again, right?”

Rian stroked his hand up and down his cock, before leaning forward and putting his hands on Edward’s hips. “We’re just getting started, right?”

“You have no idea,” Edward purred, 


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