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Title: Not the Worst Idea
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Idiot boys
Series: Samurai Flamenco
Word Count: 4484
Characters/Pairings: Gotou Hidenori/Hazama Masayoshi

Summary: Suddenly, Gotou had a very vivid mental image of Masayoshi looking up inappropriate Harakiri Sunshine fanart and choked. Masayoshi wriggled and he let go, and Gotou said faintly, "Please tell me you didn't learn about sex from tokusatsu fanart."

To be entirely truthful, technically Gotou was a virgin, too.

He had more practice with kissing – he wasn't nearly as clumsy as Masayoshi, although he was clearly out of practice. It was definitely something to improve on, and the only way to improve on that was with lots and lots of practice. Masayoshi wasn't complaining.

In fact, Masayoshi was a damn quick study. He would have to be, Gotou reasoned - after all, he picked up fighting techniques quickly and was able to copy them to reasonable amounts of success in a short amount of time – but in this he was an even faster student. It really wasn't long before he was pushing Gotou into walls and kissing him; ducking his head shyly after, the blush coloring his nose and the tips of his ears. He wouldn't attempt it in public usually, although the closest that he'd gotten was a quick goodbye kiss in the lobby of the Cesar Pro building, before Masayoshi ran off to the elevator and realized what he had done.

But that's all it was, was kissing.

Nothing else had really changed about their relationship. Masayoshi would stop by his apartment often in the mornings, during his daily jog – in the evenings when Gotou would get off a late shift he'd show up to Masayoshi's apartment and they would eat curry rice and watch tokusatsu – or, if Gotou won the remote war, whatever late-night anime or goofy game show that was currently airing.

It wasn't that he was interested in those things – although once anything got going story-wise, Masayoshi would watch it captivated – but when he won, and something other than tokusatsu was on the television he could slip further down the couch and work his way closer to Masayoshi. He wouldn't be bounding up and down, off the couch and posing along with the hero on the screen and it allowed for some peaceful moments of closeness … even if they weren't touching.

Sometimes they'd kiss there in the apartment, slow and tender, Masayoshi crawling into his lap, wrapping his arms around Gotou and it would get strangely surreal; a make-out session with a soundtrack of sentai super-squad. It made Masayoshi happy though, and that, in turn, made Gotou happy.

The first time that he spent the night over unintentionally, they had fallen asleep on the couch together watching a DVD; an older movie that Gotou had vague memories of going to see as a child. He had woken up with a stiff neck, a mouth full of brown hair and the worst case of morning wood he'd had in years. Masayoshi didn't even stir when he slid out from under him and hid in the bathroom to take care of business.

There had been other times now, intentional times that he had stayed over, but he wasn't willing to push if Masayoshi didn't seem interested in going any further. He was content the way things were now, and there was something comforting about being in Masayoshi's bed, curling up behind him and just sleeping peacefully together. It was a closeness that he hadn't even been aware he missed.

Sometimes though, Masayoshi would be gone for days or even weeks at a time. Model shoots in exotic locales, political events (even as he so fiercely denied and downplayed the results of his actions, it was nice to be acknowledged as a hero, but having to deal with politicians very quickly got old, hero of justice or otherwise) and even publicity tours solo or with the former Flamengers. Masayoshi invited him along every time, and every time Gotou turned him down. His place was here, he had a job to do and while it wasn't nearly as glamorous or world-changing as Masayoshi's, it was, nevertheless, important.

It was in those times that he realized how desperately lonely he had been.

He could remember the absolute panic he felt when Masayoshi walked through that door to deal with Alien Flamenco. What if Masayoshi had never come back? Those hours sitting there, waiting for him to return, turning over in his head what he was going to do when the world came crashing down around his ears. The others had left. He alone stayed.

The world - HIS world - didn't end. Masayoshi limped back, told him ridiculous tales that he knew were true and didn't believe him anyway, and he wasn't alone again.

If Masayoshi never wanted to go any further than the kissing that had become a daily part of their lives, he was okay with that. Simply because he was with Masayoshi, as aggravating and idealistic and campy and moronic as that idiot could be, he wouldn't be happier anywhere else. Sitting here on the couch beside Masayoshi - closer now, close enough to nudge him with a knee when he started talking over the television, their empty plates on the coffee table and the smell of curry still hanging in the air.

And then Masayoshi leaned over him, going for the remote which Gotou was holding teasingly just out of reach, and his hand landed directly on Gotou's crotch.

It felt like the world itself swung to a halt.

Gotou held his breath, held perfectly still, it sounded like even the clock on the far wall had stopped ticking. Masayoshi was staring down at his hand, he had to have felt Gotou go hard at his touch, and then, slowly, he looked up to Gotou's face.

Masayoshi lifted his hand, and Gotou exhaled. That was it, then - except it wasn't it, because Masayoshi was still staring at his crotch, and then up at Gotou's face and back again. He was very uncertain, blushing scarlet under the fluorescent light of the projector television. Taking a huge gamble, Gotou dropped the remote, and took Masayoshi's hand. Very slowly, very calmly he turned off the projector, and rose - and Masayoshi followed him, no resistance but curiosity on his features as Gotou took them both into the bedroom.

Gotou himself was a virgin, but he a pretty good idea on how these sort of things were supposed to work. Porn wasn't exactly the best instruction manual there was (in fact it was probably the worst, Gotou acknowledged, but it wasn't like he knew any gay men who were interested in giving out pointers), but at least it was SOMETHING. He was fairly certain Masayoshi had never looked at porn, especially given the stricken expression on his face when Gotou slipped his pants off.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want to do," Gotou murmured to him, Masayoshi crouched beside the bed, staring intently between Gotou's legs. He hadn't urged Masayoshi there but he had come of his own volition, and that stricken expression had shifted, softening into straight-up curiosity.

"Can I touch it?" Masayoshi asked, and Gotou almost laughed.

"Please," he said, as Masayoshi put a warm hand on his cock.

This was as far as he had ever gotten before, mutual petting - and Gotou realized through a building haze of Masayoshi's curious fingers and warm hands that there was very little mutual going on. It took a little urging, to get Masayoshi to rise to his feet and took longer still to convince him to lose his own pants. He was strangely shy about it, for a man that Gotou had seen naked several times already.

All those times before, though - it hadn't been direct light, the warm overhead lights of Masayoshi's room leaving nothing to the imagination. Gotou watched, a little stunned, as Masayoshi stripped himself, revealing a lithe, fit body underneath. He'd gained a little muscle definition but he still looked like a good wind would bowl him over. Gotou knew differently, and he held out his hands to Masayoshi, who hesitantly joined him on the bed.

Gotou wrapped his arms around Masayoshi and they both flopped over, a naked tangle of limbs atop the blankets. "Are you okay with this?" Gotou asked, seriously, Masayoshi in his arms.

Masayoshi had a distant expression on his face, in his eyes - it looked like he was staring at someone far away. He came back to himself in a moment, shook his head and then nodded, realizing that the shake could be interpreted as negative. "You want to do this, so I do," he said.

"No, no, no-" Gotou tried to sit up, but Masayoshi wouldn't let him, so he flumped back into the covers. "It doesn't matter if I want to - some days I want to kick you in the face wearing football cleats, that doesn't mean I'm gonna do it even if you LET me-"

"Why football cleats?" Masayoshi asked.

"Because they're spiked and they'd hurt more," Gotou replied after he realized Masayoshi was serious. "This is something more than that, more important, and it's mutual, so if you don't want to-"

Masayoshi leaned in close, his nose brushing Gotou's, and Gotou stopped talking, stopped breathing for a second when Masayoshi's mouth covered his. When they separated, Masayoshi hung in close, still sharing his breath. "I'm scared," he said finally. "But I do - I want this, I want to touch you and-" he blushed vividly. "I want you to touch me." Gotou trailed his hand down Masayoshi's side as Masayoshi spoke, settling it lower and then moving it again. Masayoshi wriggled a little bit, but didn't jerk away.

"How far do you want to go?" Gotou murmured, hand drifting down low enough to skate the tips of his fingers over Masayoshi's strangely perfect ass.

"How far?" Masayoshi seemed perplexed by this question. "All the way, a hero never leaves things unfinished!"

Gotou turned his head and laughed, hard, into the sheets. This only served to confound Masayoshi further, who tried to disentangle but Gotou wouldn’t let him up. However, he let Masayoshi slide a bit, and rolled onto his back so Masayoshi was atop him. "All the way, eh," he said, and drummed his fingers on Masayoshi's slim and powerful thighs. "Well, that's going to depend on whether or not you have any lube."

"Lube?" Masayoshi's voice went up to a pitch Gotou had never heard before.

"Yes, that wonderful thing that helps make things fit where they don't usually go," Gotou said, stroking the small of Masayoshi's back. "I kinda figured you didn't have any - bet you don't have any condoms, either."

Masayoshi looked even more perplexed. "Why would we need condoms, we're both guys." Gotou tugged on him, made him lean down and kissed him.

He was strangely proud that he managed to last so long without internally freaking out - naked, in a bed - in MASAYOSHI'S bed, where he'd been before but never in this context - with Masayoshi straddled on top of him looking both confused and very turned on. Gotou grinned up at him, his heartbeat loud in his chest - and, after a moment Masayoshi grinned back. "It's okay," Gotou said. "We'll figure something out."

They started slow, and safe - with kissing, just like they had been. Masayoshi was still on top and Gotou left him there, although they had both shifted their weights accordingly, and Masayoshi lay between Gotou's legs. It was warm and comfortable, skin-to-skin, Masayoshi's mouth hot and inviting, and Gotou's hands didn't know where to settle. One hand on his head, tangling in his hair, but the other drifted several times. Masayoshi didn't seem to notice that much, until Gotou settled it on his ass and he jerked back into it.

That motion led to more, Masayoshi making a little crying noise into the skin of Gotou's throat as their naked cocks dragged against the other. Gotou stilled him quickly, both hands on his ass, and pressed them together firmly.

Gotou was staring blindly at the ceiling, the sensation almost overwhelming. Masayoshi was rocking in his arms, he wanted to do that again, it felt so good Gotou, why won't you let me- The terror had gripped him finally, they were actually doing this. Masayoshi broke his hold, grabbed the bedsheets underneath them both and surged, pressing his body along Gotou's and Gotou saw fireworks.

Masayoshi hesitated then, as Gotou gasped for air - he looked down between them, at the slick created by Gotou's orgasm. "Sorry," Gotou panted, still staring at the ceiling. "Sorry, I just-"

"Wow," Masayoshi said softly, entranced. "I did that?"

"Yeah," Gotou said, eyes on Masayoshi now. "Yeah, you did." He nudged Masayoshi with his knee, and then without warning rolled them. Masayoshi yelped, suddenly on his back and Gotou staring down at him. Some of his seed was smeared across Masayoshi's belly and holy shit, that shouldn't be as attractive as he was finding it. "Your turn," he said, his hand wrapping around Masayoshi's cock.

If he thought that Masayoshi had made a yelping sound before, the noise he made right then was ungodly. Then his eyes lit up, and that was the only warning Gotou had before Masayoshi shoved him off with all four limbs. Gotou whooped, overbalanced, and went overboard. "Dammit!" Gotou said, lying on the floor beside the bed, the wind nearly knocked out of him.

Masayoshi's head appeared over the side of the bed, eyes wide. "I'M SORRY," he wailed, and Gotou sat up, testing the back of his head for sensitive spots. "I JUST REMEMBERED."

"You ... remembered?" Gotou said, and Masayoshi leaped off the bed and ran out of the room. Gotou weighed the pros and cons of following him - but when the con was 'what sort of trouble could he get into' (the answer, as always, was “lots”) Gotou hoisted himself to his feet, and followed.

Masayoshi was in - yup, he was in the room that had been converted into a makeshift tokusatsu museum. Most of the figurines were gone, destroyed in the fire so many months back, but he already had a small collection in the empty cabinets. It was a little unnerving being naked in here, but Masayoshi was crouched on the floor in front of an unpacked box, sifting through it. "What are you DOING?" Gotou asked, although he wasn't certain that he actually wanted to know.

"I remembered," Masayoshi said, and then made a triumphant noise. He pulled a small package wrapped in gift paper out of the box, and hopped up, turning and presenting it to Gotou. "Found it!"

"What-?" Gotou said.

"I have lube!" Masayoshi said cheerfully. "One of the other models gave it to me as a gag gift on my birthday, I don't know why though."

"You-" Gotou was really starting to get the hang of this monosyllabic thing. Fortunately his brain was still sitting in standby mode, so the snide comment that was waiting in there somewhere about the perception of Masayoshi's peers hadn't made it out.

Masayoshi pressed his entire body against Gotou's, and linked his arms behind Gotou's back, resting his chin over his shoulder. "I have lube," he repeated, and Gotou sighed heavily, wrapping his arms around Masayoshi.

"Do you even know what the lube's for, idiot?"

Masayoshi squirmed in his arms. "How old do you think I AM?" he said indignantly. "I know how to use the internet, I looked things up-"

Suddenly Gotou had a very vivid mental image of Masayoshi looking up inappropriate Harakiri Sunshine fanart and choked. Masayoshi wriggled and he let go, and Gotou said faintly, "Please tell me you didn't learn about sex from tokusatsu fanart-"

Masayoshi went absolutely still, his eyes wide.

Oh god, now he had a mental image, Gotou rubbed his eyes with both hands. "No, I'm sorry, let's not bring that up," he said, but the gears in Masayoshi's head were already turning. "You didn't know-?"

"Where's my phone-?" Masayoshi lunged for the door, but somehow Gotou caught him, got an arm around his waist and instead of walking through the doorway they fell through it.

"You are not looking up freaky porn while we're having sex!" Gotou yelled, and Masayoshi rolled over him, scrambled upright, and kept going. "He's going to look up porn," Gotou said to himself, as he got to his feet and gave chase.

Masayoshi could apparently use his phone and run at the same time, which made a bit of sense actually, if Gotou had time to think about all the times he had been called to bail him out of trouble. He didn't, though, and while they must have lapped the apartment twice, Masayoshi hit pay dirt and stopped dead in the doorway to the bedroom, his eyes wide. Gotou hit him at a full charge and they went tail over teakettle into the bed, Masayoshi's phone going airborne but landing harmlessly among the pillows at the end of the bed.

"It really IS a thing," Masayoshi's voice was somewhere between offended and winded, his face having landed in the mattress. There was a moment of silence, where they both were panting - and then Masayoshi turned his head and looked at Gotou. "Is that - do you want to do that?" His face had gone red, and Gotou glanced over at his phone, wedged as it was he could only see part of the graphic and lovingly detailed bit of art that Masayoshi had found. "To me?"

"What I want," Gotou said after a moment's processing, "is for you to stop being an idiot." Masayoshi made such a face at him, and Gotou grinned. "But, as that isn't going to happen anytime soon, I would settle for you enjoying this. So if you want to do that, we can."

"But first," Gotou added, and Masayoshi blinked. Gotou rolled him bodily over and pinned him to the bed. "First I owe you a hand-job. Then we'll see about that."

It was almost gratifying that Masayoshi came faster than he did - he doubled up, clinging to Gotou and moaning. Gotou kissed him, gently, because all the tension had run out of his muscles and Masayoshi flopped back into the bed, content. They were a mess already, but if Masayoshi really wanted to do more, well.... he was feeling light-headed and adventurous and it was best to capitalize on it before he started thinking too hard on things again.

Apparently, an orgasm took the noisy out of Masayoshi for a while, so Gotou rolled over and retrieved his phone, to get a good look at whatever "that" was. It was fairly tame, thankfully - Harakiri Sunshine tied up, costume shredded, another tokusatsu hero between his legs that he didn't recognize out of hand (but he was sure that Masayoshi could tell in loving detail, the character’s entire life story). Gotou rolled over and tapped Masayoshi in the head. "Oi," he said. "I'm not having sex with you if you're in your costume, I want you to know that."

Masayoshi blinked up at him muzzily, like the thought hadn't occurred to him. "Why not?"

Gotou opened his mouth, closed it again, and scowled. "I just won't," he said. "Also I don't think it's a good idea to tie you up just yet, maybe we can try that later."

"I'd have sex with you if you were in your uniform," Masayoshi said contemplatively. Gotou sat up, and flicked him in the middle of his forehead. Masayoshi looked over at him, eyes drowsy. "I would. You look very good in it."

Gotou blushed. It was common for him to hear that from Mari, but Masayoshi had never mentioned it and now he felt the slightest bit flustered. "That doesn't change anything," he muttered, and then pointed to Masayoshi's phone. "You really want to do this, though?"

"Why do you keep asking me that?" Masayoshi sat up and crossed his legs, facing Gotou on the bed. His hair was sticking up a little funny in the back.

"You've never shown interest in sex before," Gotou said. "I just want to be certain-"

Masayoshi sighed and put his hands between his legs on the bed, leaning forward. "I get distracted easily," he said slowly, as if this was news. "There's a lot going on sometimes, and I just like being around you. It's not the first thing on my mind, well ... ever. But that doesn't mean I don't want to, I'm just really new to this."

"You and me both," Gotou muttered, and Masayoshi laughed.

"Did you ever, with-?"

"Don't talk about her!" Gotou said sharply, and Masayoshi stopped. He looked hurt for a split second, but then nodded his head.

"Sorry," he said softly. Then he pushed up on his knees, leaned over and put his arms around Gotou. Gotou relaxed into his embrace - and then, after a moment, pushed Masayoshi down. Masayoshi went - didn't yelp, but his eyes got a little wide as Gotou kissed him, pushing him down into the mattress with his full body weight. This was back to safe territory, so Masayoshi tucked one leg over Gotou's, and kissed him right back.

"Did the lube make it in here?" Gotou asked finally, breaking free and lifting his head.

"Mm, probably on the floor," Masayoshi said. He didn't seem to want Gotou to get up but he wrestled free, scoured two sides of the bed and came up with the still-wrapped bag. He tore it open with no regard for the paper, and several small one-use vials fell out. Masayoshi sat up to watch as Gotou studied them.

"I think this’ll work," he said.

Masayoshi was freaking ticklish, and Gotou had to keep half an eye on wayward limbs and half an eye on what he was doing. Masayoshi lay spread out, both of his hands covering his face but his ears were visible and brilliantly red. He kept giggling, and then he'd twitch and Gotou would have to duck lest he get nailed by a flailing foot. "Would you stop that," he complained, as Masayoshi choked.

"Y-your fingers," Masayoshi said, and Gotou knew exactly where his fingers were and what they were doing.

"I don't think you just want me to try to jam it in there," he said, and Masayoshi twitched again, although that might have more to do with the lube he was spreading.

"God don't TALK about it," Masayoshi peeked through his fingers, then covered his face again and flopped back.

"What, you don't want me to narrate what I'm doing to you right now?" Gotou smirked, and ran his hand down Masayoshi's thigh. "How I'm making you tremble, with just a few fingers-"

"Gotou," Masayoshi whimpered, and Gotou stopped.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked, concerned, and Masayoshi shook his head violently. "Should I stop?"

Masayoshi lifted his hands off his face. "Don't stop," he breathed. "Please, don't-"

Gotou slid his fingers out and Masayoshi whined a little. "Okay," Gotou said, feeling strangely calm. He shuffled them around a bit, decided it wasn't worth it to drag this out, and slotted them together. Masayoshi's breath left him in a low whine, and he dug his fingers into the sheets. "All right?" Gotou asked, gripping one of Masayoshi's legs maybe a little too tightly.

"I, yeah-" Masayoshi gulped air into his lungs. His hand shot out and pressed to Gotou's chest. "Don't move-"

Gotou took Masayoshi's hand, and slid it up to his face, kissing the palm. Masayoshi watched him closely, as Gotou twined their fingers together. He settled down between Masayoshi's legs, moving slowly. He wasn't going to last long, and he wanted to make sure that he could get Masayoshi off first.

That didn't appear to be a problem - Masayoshi wrapped himself around Gotou, arms and legs locked around him and preventing him from moving too much, too quickly. His eyes had slipped closed and Gotou held his hips tightly with one hand, the other curled into a fist pressed to the mattress. If he had another hand, maybe he'd be able to wend it between them and caress his cock, but the angle they were at prevented that. Masayoshi didn't seem to need it, he jerked against Gotou and then on a particularly deep thrust he came, gasping Gotou's name into his neck and clawing deep into his shoulders.

He didn't release Gotou, though his grip relaxed. Gotou shifted them, pressed his forehead to Masayoshi's just so Masayoshi could see what he was doing to him, right now-

-and then it was over, Gotou gasping at the way Masayoshi spasmed around him, and Masayoshi kissed him, swallowing the noise. They hung there, frozen in time and space until Gotou's brain came back online, and he pulled gently out.

Masayoshi dropped back to the mattress, face red and eyes hooded. Gotou just dropped right on top of him, driving the breath out of Masayoshi's lungs. "Hey!" Masayoshi grunted, trying unsuccessfully to elbow Gotou off him.

Gotou just breathed, steadily, waiting for the buzz of his brain to quiet down. Masayoshi stopped trying to jostle him and sighed peacefully, carding his fingers through Gotou's short hair. Gotou sighed, closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

The entire mattress bounced, and Gotou pressed his face into his arm and groaned. It was the second time Masayoshi had popped into the bedroom, and now he could see daylight coming in from the main room. He raised his head and growled, and Masayoshi beamed at him, bouncing on the balls of his feet back securely on the floor.

“Did you just jump on the bed?” Gotou asked.

“I’m on the floor, see?” Masayoshi was only wearing his underwear, his hair was a godawful mess, and he had the biggest smile on his face. “Feet on the floor!” He bounced in place a moment. “Mostly.” Then he bounded out of the room, and Gotou dropped his head back onto his arm and sighed.

It was morning. They’d - they’d had sex, it was morning, and Masayoshi was bouncing around like a puppy who needed to go out for its daily run. Well, at least that last part didn’t surprise him as much as he’d thought. Gotou went to roll out of bed and had to unstick himself from the sheets. He shuddered.

He locked himself in the bathroom to shower, because Masayoshi was doing exercises in the main room and it was really fucking distracting to watch. With the shower came the revelation that he had no clean clothes and there was no way he was going to fit in any of Masayoshi’s stuff, so … there was that. He emerged from the shower to find Masayoshi fully dressed, sitting on the couch. Masayoshi turned and looked at Gotou. “Maybe you should start keeping a few changes of clothes here,” Masayoshi suggested, and Gotou blushed before he could stop himself.

“Not a bad idea,” he muttered, glancing at the television. Thankfully, it was on the news - Masayoshi got up, didn’t bounce, but he did come over to Gotou and kiss him. “Good morning kiss!” he announced. Then he groped Gotou.

Gotou yelped, turned even more red. “Masayoshi!”

“What?” Masayoshi said innocently, and grinned.

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